The quest for a venue continues…

Hello everyone!

Well, we’ve been toiling away planning pre-events and with one fundraiser under our belts and a few new faces at our organizer meetings and amazing local people offering their talents, we’re excited about this summer and the fest in October. The good news is that we’re energized.

The bad news? There’s one pretty big dillemma–event space.

This spring we were informed that our dearly beloved Gay Community Center of Richmond (GCCR) may be unavailable this fall and indefinitely. Obviously, the chances of us finding some place affordable with the same ammenities is slim to none. We’ll miss you, GCCR!

Moving on. We’ve gone through our list of previous locations and new options, but we’re wondering if there are any places in the Richmond area that we’re overlooking. Thoughts? Ideas? Any recommendations would be incredibly helpful.

Here’s a list of the locations we’ve looked into so far:

  • St. Andrews
  • Doubletree Hotel
  • Plant Zero
  • Metro Space
  • Gallery 5
  • Robinson Theater Center

Our primary concerns are that it’s in an accessible space that can handle at least 50 tablers, 200-300 attendees (throughout the day, not all at once), and perhaps an area for workshops, free parking, and openness to outside food vendors. We’d prefer that tables/chairs be included, but we’re willing rent them separately as we’ve done in previous years. Feel free to post venue names, and we’ll look into the location/price/etc.

As always, thanks for reading and responding!



2 thoughts on “The quest for a venue continues…

  1. Have you checked with VCU about using one of their event spaces? There’s a link to a non-VCU event space request form at the bottom of this page: of the river there’s Plaza Bowl, the duckpin bowling place. It’s a little unorthodox, and my memory is unreliable, but we were there once and I think there was lots of room for tables and chairs set back from the lanes. Might be worth a gander.

  2. Thank you so much for the recs, Matt. We’re trying to avoid event spaces with policies like VCU’s. The last time we checked there, they required a fee for an officer per every X number of people. Considering we’re just a butch of chill people sitting at tables with paper, we don’t understand why their presence is warranted regardless of how many people are expected throughout the day. We’ve been surprised by which spaces have these policies. I love attending SPX, which gets a ton more people simultaneously, and they don’t need police. We’re confused and shocked by which spaces in RVA have this policy. And even though we embrace "safe space," there’s something about a cop standing guard that promotes the opposite feeling than it intends.I really love the idea of Plaza Bowl. I have not been there, but I’ve heard about it. We have a glimmer of hope that we may be able to hold it at the GCCR for one more year since the building has not been sold yet. Depending on how that goes, I will definitely take a gander at Plaza Bowl for either this year or next year.

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